Why UChicago?

A global University. A world–class city. More than 100 programs and 10,000 peers. And an international network of over 147,000 alumni.

As a University of Chicago graduate student, you'll join an intellectual community that's launched some of the world's most accomplished and respected leaders.

UChicago alumni are recognized by their ability to think across disciplines to tackle unique problems—getting them recognized with Nobels, Pulitzers, MacArthurs, and more. Our graduate and professional alumni are tenured professors at top universities and top executives at Fortune 500 companies. They deliver health care around the globe and argue before the Supreme Court. They lead the World Bank and some of the world's top research institutions, including ours.

It's our atmosphere of free and open inquiry that propels our students toward success in whatever field they choose, and our commitment to diversity by all measures is what fuels our conversations. The breadth of questions and perspectives on our campus, from humanities students studying race to business professors who advise the president, creates an environment where ideas are heard, supported, questioned, tested, and honed. And it fuses friendships in the classroom, on the quads, and all around our incredible city.

Through collaboration within and between our four graduate divisions and six professional schools, students learn firsthand the power of ideas to make a difference in the world. To that experience, add our serious commitment to funding and the largest career services resource for graduate and professional students of any university. Our interdisciplinary nature and broad support make for endless possibilities.

Wherever your graduate studies take you, you'll take with you the power to turn your ideas into powerful achievements.