Academics and Research

Academics and Research

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Academics & Research

As one of the world's premier research universities, the University of Chicago empowers students and scholars through its commitment to free and open inquiry. With three major affiliated laboratories—Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, and the Marine Biological Laboratory—and more than 140 centers and institutes, UChicago supports research and discovery that spans disciplines.

Across UChicago's graduate divisions and professional schools, one theme is overwhelmingly constant: No matter the subject, our students and faculty are committed to an enthusiastic pursuit of knowledge. In every graduate program, we seek deep understanding of fundamental disciplines, then redefine the scope of possibilities. The result is scholarship that breaks ground, crosses boundaries, and asks all involved to contribute to solving the world's biggest problems. This spirit of inquiry connects you to innovative research opportunities and visionary faculty, and it leads to discoveries that enrich human life around the globe.

Divisions & Schools

At the graduate level, the University of Chicago is characterized by its unique organizational structure, with more than 100 graduate programs in five graduate divisions and six professional and continuing education schools.

Both graduate research and professional training have been part of UChicago's history from nearly the beginning. As a student in any one of these programs, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of academic and co-curricular offerings across campus, and to be part of a graduate student body nearly 10,000 strong.