The University of Chicago | Graduate Admissions

How to Apply

Take the next step to becoming a graduate student at the University of Chicago! Application methods vary by program, but most programs at UChicago use an online application system. Several admissions requirements are common to many programs, so please visit our “Admissions” section for more general information. For information specific to your program or application, contact an admissions representative from your particular graduate program.

In general, the steps to apply are as follows:

  • Find the instructions for the application on the program’s webpage, and read them carefully.
  • Sign up for an online application account (links below).
  • If needed for your program, register for any and all standardized tests and keep that information ready when you work on your application.
  • Contact individuals you would like to write letters of reference for your application, and give them plenty of time to do so. Detailed instructions will be included with your program’s application.
  • Submit your application before the posted deadline, and check your email for any updates that might come from the admissions committee.

Find Your Graduate Program and Apply