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Chicago Harris and Committee on International Relations - MA/MA

Division: Chicago Harris, Committee on International Relations
Degree Type: MA in Public Policy and International Relations

Program Description

Chicago Harris and the Committee on International Relations (CIR) offer a two-year program leading to two master of arts degrees: in public policy and international relations. This program is designed for students who want to combine training in public policy analytical tools with a substantive emphasis on international affairs. Students in this program take six of the seven core courses available to MPP Candidates, PP30101 and/or PP30102 when appropriate, and three electives for a total of nine courses. A total of eight courses must be Chicago Harris courses. Students take a total of nine courses for the M.A. in international relations, approved by their CIR advisors and preceptors, which serve to build the foundation for the required MA thesis. Students who wish to participate in this program must first matriculate in the MA program with the Committee on International Relations *prior* to applying to Chicago Harris. Students cannot be admitted to the MA at Chicago Harris in anticipation of CIR admittance or prior to joining the CIR program.